new pieces still rolling in

Yesterday Martin sent me his piece “Aurora Wynnis” for the Mawson concert. It’s an extract or foretaste of a larger piece I’ll play in June at the “Antarctica – Music, Sound and Cultural Connections” Conference to be hosted by the ANU School of Music 27 – 29 June.  In his words , “a love-song, in effect, from Cecil to Wynnis. Aurora Wynnis: something beautiful, to be admired.” Wynnis was my grandmother – CTM’s fiancée at the time, waiting for him at home for over 2 years. I have been practicing reciting the words from his diary entry in tempo so I will fit them in the bars while the phrase loops. Luckily not to many notes too learn at this stage and it’s going to be very dramatic and fun to perform.

Jim rang this morning to say his piece is finished and I will get it tomorrow. Hopefully I can learn it in a week! Mary Doumany has also let me know about a beautiful piece she wrote some time ago – “Ice” which she performs on her “elemental” CD. I am not sure I will be able to learn this one in a week, but it will be good to include in my Polar repertoire in the future.


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