Swells Rising

We are still travelling mostly Westwards in an attempt to go South between two low pressure zones, but today the sea swell has risen to about 3 meters. After doing an hour or so of practice this morning I started to feel a bit ‘off’, so decided to take another sea-sickness tablet. This meant I have had a huge afternoon nap, but feel fine. I’ll just have to take the practice in small doses! The food on board is absolutely marvellous, so it’s definitely worth keeping well. Lots of fresh fruit, and a huge array of different dishes, with snacks and drinks available at all times.

The constant engine noise of the boat is all-pervading. There are creaks and groans as we sway and lurch (today the movement has been in any direction!), engine noise, air circulation noise, the sea foam and spray outside the porthole, and wind. The Antarctic silence will be a big contrast.Yesterday at the after dinner meeting I asked if we could have a map posted on the notice board with our position as we go along, and I was immediately ‘volunteered’ for the job! So I have been shown how to interpret the ship’s position each day and mark it on a map in the mess (dining area).

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View from my practice room


5 responses to “Swells Rising

  • philly mcauliffe

    How big might the waves get? What can you play on the little harp? Can’t wait to hear about the penguins. Philly

  • Meriel Owen

    So Alice – regarding plotting the ship’s course, were you provided with a sextant? And I’m told that the sums used to calculate the ship’s position using the sun (and your sextant) are horrifically complex. But, it might be a useful antidote for seasickness. Mind you, it can’t be that much more complex than playing pieces with rhythmic complexities such as 3 against 7.635 or 14.7 against 26. Have fun!

    • alicegiles

      Hi Meriel,Someone attempted to explain the process using sextant to me before breakfast on the bridge a couple of days ago, and it is indeed beyond my waning mathematical abilities. So it’s lucky no one is relying on me! In fact they are using a GPS system, but our Master (Captain) is apparently a whizz at accurate sexton readings. Alice

  • Jenna Arends

    I think it is really cool that you are going to play the harp in Antarctica. Hopefully you will see some penguines. From Jenna

    P.S. I am from Mrs. Maloney’s class at CPS.

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