“Southern Ocean Song”

Southern Ocean Song

Last night we had rolling seas and little sleep. We crossed the Antarctic convergence and are now taking a more southerly direction to continue trying to get below a low which promises to bring 50 knot (92km/h) winds, making the seas even more lumpy and uncomfortable. We’ll try to sneak below this low before turning right for Davis Station. It has also got colder with the drop in ocean temperature.
I got up early to record the sounds of the ship and waves, and after spending some time gazing at the ocean I resolved to write a piece – it has been frustrating not being able to express my feelings for the ocean and sensation of the sea in any music I have for the baby harp. I achieved something by writing a poem first, and I performed the result on the bridge for Captain Scott Laughlin and anyone else who was hanging around on the bridge at the time taking in the view.


6 responses to ““Southern Ocean Song”

  • philly mcauliffe

    Philly says she hopes you wrote your piece down so we can hear it. She is trying to write down her “Dolly Dance” – its very complicated to get on paper although she knows it fine by ear.

    I think Meriel might be referring to plotting courses pre GPS though! Tell us how they do it these days. I learnt to do it an old way many years ago on a “night skipper” course led by a salty old naval captain but I was always making mistakes so I never took charge of a boat at night. How far have you been so far? Love Georgina

    • Meriel Owen

      Hi Georgina! OK, I’ve been caught out re-re-re-reading Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons (actually, it was Peter Duck that refers to sextants). Hope you and Philly are well!

  • Kim Nelson

    It’s great reading about your trip so far. On the way home tonight Radio National was playing a reading from Mawson’s book ‘Home of the Blizzard’ and I thought of you.
    Safe travelling Alice,
    Cheers, Kim

  • Daniel

    my teacher Mrs Moloney showed us what you are doing on our smartboard and i am interested. hope you have fun.

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