King Neptune’s Visit

To mark to crossing into Antarctic waters, King Neptune and his minions visited the ship to anoint all those who have not travelled below 60 degrees south before. This involved such indignities as having a slithery salmon rubbed into the hair, kneeling and kissing his feet and having an awful concoction of slops from the past week or so from the galley (a green mixture which seemed to include seaweed, promite, spinach, noodles and other bits that were hell to wash out of the hair) poured all over us and down into our clothes. As we stood under our showers to wash off, the water suffered a  mysterious temporary stoppage. As Andy our voyage leader noted – ‘uncanny that this only seems to happen after Neptune visits, no doubt an indication of his tremendous power over all things wet and watery’.
Afterwards we were solaced by a marvellous barbecue on the trawl deck (back deck at sea level). What a setting – icebergs slipping by, and a ration of beer and good cheer to celebrate our entry into the Antarctic realm. Seas are calm now and weather clearer, although there was a sudden thick snow flurry in the night. The poor visibility and snow from a couple of nights ago has delayed our expected arrival in Davis Station yet again, and it looks as though it will not be until Monday now. Alternative plans are continuously being prepared for the logistics as nothing is certain with conditions, but everyone is anxious things don’t get too much behind.

Alice & King Neptune


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