“My ‘Blue’ is finally in the Ice”

Bridge Concert


4 responses to ““My ‘Blue’ is finally in the Ice”

  • philly mcauliffe

    Photos of penguins please, please….That is the best practice room I have ever seen but how come you havn’t got a jumper on? Is is very hot inside? Love Philly

    • alicegiles

      Dear Philly – patience! – the penguins are coming – only a few caught on photo so far but I think I will see many more when we get to Mawson. It’s warm inside everywhere – on the ship and in the Stations ashore. When I am outside I wear: merino wool thermal top and pants, polar fleece pants, a shirt, a thick down jacket, polar fleece gloves, and a beanie, as well as special fleecy lined snow boots. Alice

  • ruby foxlewin

    wow, i can’t believe you’re actually in ANTARCTICA!! but seriously, in these photos you are wearing a distinct lack of warm clothing for the climate. hope you’re having a great time, an i’m sure that you are playing beautiful music. love ruby

    • alicegiles

      Hello Ruby, I can hardly believe it myself. This morning the sun rose over the Antarctic continent (yes that did seem strange but it’s because Davis is in a big bay) – and what looked like low cloud hanging across the top of the harbour cliff was actually the ice shelf behind stretching high for miles. I have been performing inside on the ship – the wind outside is too bitterly cold. But today you will see me with my lovely warm down jacket outside because it was calm and sunny at Davis – very lucky! Alice

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