Wind Harp at Davis

5 responses to “Wind Harp at Davis

  • Saul Davis

    Did you use a particular tuning?

  • Jenny Kingma

    Hi Alice
    What an amazing creative time for you and your harps. It is wonderful to be able to follow your experiences through sounds and images.
    Thank you.
    Jenny Kingma

  • Jill Atkinson

    Absolutely wonderful! I too wonder if you are/will be experimenting with some different tunings – say a pentatonic or other tunings to delete some of the 7 diatonic notes? You could get some really eerie sounds using some semitone clusters.
    I love your adventure! So lovely to share it with us in this way too – the photos are superb and I am really enjoying your daily comments. (And the concert on the brig with the lands/seascape floating past! Beautiful!)
    Jill Atkinson

  • Martin Wesley-Smith

    Hi Alice
    I’m loving reading your posts! You have a career as a writer should you ever get sick of harping.
    Will you be able to record aeolian sounds with the blue harp? That way you should be able to avoid the distortion caused by the wind on the microphone. Or use – or improvise – wind socks for the mics.
    Sounding – and looking – good!

  • Kath McPhee

    My partner Mark is down there with you, and sent me a link to your website.
    Congratulations on a beautiful job, both, with your music, and sharing your experience through your blog.
    I think your grandfather would be very proud of your contribution to the beauty of Antarctica.

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