Short update from home –

Alice is currently in Mawson Station with sporadic email capacity.

At last report they were expecting a blizzard!

You can follow the weather / view on the following websites –



We expect to get photos and videos from Alice’s performance at Mawson soon.

Stay tuned!



2 responses to “update

  • Heather Rossiter

    How beautiful to hear the harp against the swish and seethe of the ice. Have been following your adventure with awe.
    Love. Heather

    • alicegiles

      Hello Heather – home now and catching up with a few of the comments I didn’t see yet. I am glad you have been following – the sounds were hard to catch because of the short amount of time without wind, and also the noise of the resupply barges, cranes and tractors working away all day! In general I found the beauty was in the simplicity visually, aurally – sea, ice and rock – as well as in the lifestyle. Takes a while to adjust back home again!

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