Dawn Performance at Mawson Station ‘Red Shed Bar’ 01-03-11

I wanted everyone to finally hear the whole AAE Centennial Celebration program including spoken words, rather than just small snippets of visuals with music.
It was recorded at sunrise, so you will need to excuse the ‘morning voice’ in the dry Antarctic air and on 2 hours sleep! Also, pickups on one register of my harp failed on arrival, leaving me only 3 to use with no ability to plug in the 4th for any loop effect for Wesley-Smith – sorry Martin! – and the pieces without effect were then without general reverb, making them less resonant compared to the ones with effect. But hopefully it will give the general feeling for the program as a whole, musically and dramatically, as given for the first performance of harp on the Antarctic continent, and first performance of many of these pieces especially written (see program).
The previous evening’s performance was marred by adjacent computer hard drive noise, bar fridge noise, and my having just stepped off a helicopter, so I did a repeat performance for some early risers. The sun was rising over the ice plateau and onto the view over Horseshoe Bay – a windswept bay with fast-(ie attached to land)ice amidst the dark brown rocky arms.

Sound file will be posted as soon as it is sent from Mawson


One response to “Dawn Performance at Mawson Station ‘Red Shed Bar’ 01-03-11

  • Nithya

    Excellent performance. The music of the harp entwined in nature’s bliss supreme sounds fantastic. It seems as though mother nature and the music of Alice areperforming a symphony of their own.

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