Elephants Seals and Larry Sitsky’s music at Davis

4 responses to “Elephants Seals and Larry Sitsky’s music at Davis

  • Genevieve Lang

    Fabulous! Did Larry score it for Elephant seals? I know someone who sounds a bit like one in their sleep…

    • alicegiles

      Hi Gen – Poor Larry had no idea what was coming. I got so distracted with being so close to these incredibly large loud creatures, that I found it very hard to play the piece correctly. It is certainly a novel new experience of stage fright! Although I was told they are tame and mild, I was ready to leap up with my harp at the slightest warning.

  • Martin Paul

    Love the contrast….snorting, snoring, gurgling, yawning and Alice’ harp with Sitsky sounds.

    • alicegiles

      Thanks Martin – like Antarctic opera singers, they have such incredible resonance. I was so glad to have the Sitsky piece as a response – I hope he doesn’t mind!

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