Westlake at Mawson

westlake at mawson

The following recording is from the Mawson concert Alice gave last week.

Nigel Westlake “Antarctica” with some reading of C.T.Madigan’s Diaries from the 1911 – 1914 Australasian Antarctic Expedition led by Sir Douglas Mawson.

Alice will be playing the complete Mawson program at the Antarctic Music Festival on June 26th 2011 at the ANU School of Music.


3 responses to “Westlake at Mawson

  • Clare McDonogh

    Amazing colours! Such a lovely performance! Congratulations Alice 🙂 what an inspiring adventure!!!

  • kgari

    Hope you are ok out there, and away from any tsunami after affect from Japans earthquake and tsunami… stay safe 🙂

    • alicegiles

      Yes we are safe here – swells are no higher than usual and it is quite mild. We are missing much as only a small compilation of news gets printed off each morning, but this is supplemented by people using private emails to relay the terrible stories of what has happened there.

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