Mawson Station Concert Program



To commemorate the Centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914


“If the night watchman is a considerate chap, (he) puts on a soothing violin solo, such as ‘Humoresque’, to be followed by others that become gradually louder. This is a great refinement by which the sleepers gradually wake to the strains of music.”    – Charles Laseron, in ‘South with Mawson’

All the spoken interludes in this program are taken from the unpublished Note Book & Diary of Cecil Thomas Madigan (1889-1947), AAE

La Cinquataine Gabriel Marie (arr A. Jonas)

Humoresque Antonin Dvorak (arr C. Salzedo)

Annie Laurie Traditional (arr C. Salzedo)

Lead kindly Light Purday / Newman

Abide with me Monk / Lyte

Nearer my God Dykes / Adams (arr A. Giles)

The Good Rhein Wine Scottish Student’s Songbook

A-Roving Scottish Student’s Songbook

Billions of Penguins * Joshua McHugh

Huskies Improvisation inspired by (Howl, Whip, Sledging) Rupert Summerson

Beneath the Midnight Sun  Nigel Westlake (arr for solo harp by Giles)

On not Dancing with Penguins * Jim Cotter

Aurora Wynnis * Martin Wesley-Smith

Text from the CTM Diary and the poem

“Ah Love, could thou and I with fate conspire …”

(quoted by Madigan) from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Fantasia No. 17 * Larry Sitsky

Whirlwind Carlos Salzedo

*World Premier Performance


8 responses to “Mawson Station Concert Program

  • (Lucy) O'Shea family

    So exciting, very best wishes Alice, can’t wait to hear the finished work upon your return.

    • alicegiles

      hanks Lucy and family – I’ll be hoping to send back video of parts of the performance right afterwards so you won’t have to wait even that long, love, Alice.

  • Mary Ryan

    Hi Alice enjoyed reading your newsletter. I am an avid reader of all that happens on the boat and what happens in Mawson becaues my eldest son of four children is an engineer in Mawson and has been there for 17 months and will be home hopefully on 16/3. It is a whole new world and I look forward to your music. My son’s name is Daniel Ryan.and he too can play music Piano.Regards Mary Ryan

    • alicegiles

      Thanks Mary – I am sure you are looking forward to seeing you son again soon. Hopefully we won’t be too delayed by the ice getting to Mawson. I will say hello to him. Alice

  • Rupert Summerson

    Hi Alice
    Delighted to hear that you managed to get ashore at Mawson and what a shame you couldn’t get to Rumdoodle. It sounds like you are having a great time though. All the best. Rupert

    • alicegiles

      Hi Rupert, I thought of you and your idea that one should try and come up with a musical scale that fitted Antarctica. When I was at Mawson I certainly felt that a conventional scale or mode would not be suitable for a place that feels so ancient and beyond human time frame. I wrote a little sketch which I’ll play you when I get home. I will interested to see what composers who visit Antarctica in the future will come up with. Alice

  • Paul ( Pink) Wood

    Hello again Rupert,

    Its Pink calling across the ether.

    Id like to catch up with you and share our last 30 years or so of news!

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