Air Resupply

From the Mawson Station Web info – This week at Mawson: 4 March 2011
Expeditioners take cover from a landing helicopter(Photo: Dave Morrison)
Well, it’s resupply time at Mawson. With an iceberg causing the sea ice to remain intact this year the Aurora Australis was forced to remain thirty nautical miles offshore and commence resupply by helicopter.  This method of resupplying the station creates more than its fair share of problems, however with exceptional efforts from the AA team, all expeditioners aboard, the helicopter crews and everyone ashore at Mawson we now have station shelves that are looking nice and healthy in all departments.  At the time of writing the weather has forced a break in proceedings, but it is expected that we shall resume again soon.

Helicopter taking off in a halo
(Photo: Dave Morrison)

The AA stuck fast for resupply in the ice
(Photo: Dave Morrison)

Loading the helicopter with station supplies

(Photo: Dave Morrison)



2 responses to “Air Resupply

  • Rob Clements

    Well done Alice, you’ve now been added to my official list of Antarctic heroes (you’re up there with Mawson, Shackleton, Amundsen, Wilkins, Hurley and Scott.)
    NB You’re the only muso in the list.

    • alicegiles

      Thanks Rob – I am very honoured, but not quite worthy – I do hope there will be some other musicians in the future to give you a wider choice!

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