AinA concert live

For those who have been patiently waiting to finally see a full version of the concert I played at Mawson Station: I played the concert with the addition of film footage I took and edited from the voyage, plus the song composed on the ship, and some of the outdoor clips, at the School of Music Llewellyn Hall for a live webcast last week. Here’s the link:

It will be up for awhile so you can dip in when you have time. If you want to skip the speeches you can start at slide 5 (although Tim Bowden’s talk and lively ukelele playing leads us neatly back in time over the history of Australians in Antarctica). Tegan’s beautiful singing, and Hannah’s behind the scenes score reading for the webcasting producer demonstrate what a versatile harp area we have at the ANU. It was certainly a team affair with the School of Music audio-visual production team in full force. Thanks to all! but most especially to the composers – Larry, Jim, Martin, Joshua and Nigel, who composed such wonderful works for this program.


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